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Monday, June 10

REVEALED!!! Purple And Vanilla Owner Release Name Of Alleged Debtor

REVEALED!!! Purple And Vanilla Owner Release Name Of Alleged Debtor

Purple And Vanilla on Sunday has finally released the name of debtor who is allegedly owing the firm more than 200k as promised.

According to the information gathered, the purple and vanilla owner has revealed the identity of the  Lautech student who owes him more than 200k to be King Whalay of 5050 records.

In his post, he wrote: 

"OK guys after so much issues since morning the person is unrepentant and i have to announce his name

He's no there person but King Whaley Of 5050 Records

Please Everyone should beg him to pay my money oooo"

The 5050 records frontline act, King whaley has been accused of owing Purple and Vanilla the sum of 200k which has been stirring the internet and all over the Institution & its environment.

Recently, the artist hint at dropping an EP titled "Half of Hundred and Twice" which has been scheduled to drop on June 19, 2019.

The EP features Bizzonthetrack, Merry Tee, DJ thinwolf, Stoozi, Olamide with production credit from Djsneverendingstory, Ogbeni sticks, Okays, Verbb, Kraftboycx and Phyl Produca wa.

The information provide by Purple and Vanilla is yet to be verified by our team, as we look out to gather more information. Kindly stay tune as we bring you more updates.

Saturday, June 8

[Shocking] Purple And Vanilla Owner Issues Stern Warning To Debtors

[Shocking] Purple And Vanilla Owner Issues Stern Warning To Debtors

Popular chill spot in Lautech, Purple and Vanilla has stirred up the internet waves this afternoon. The owner has posted series of posts on his WhatsApp status, accusing Lautech Students, especially some big boys of living fake life and owing him.

He has revealed that he’ll release the name of one of the big boys who owes him 200K by 6pm.

Find the screenshots below as obtained by our team.

Stay Tuned For Updates! But Nawa O! 200K

Tuesday, June 4

Saturday, June 1

A dog was so loyal to a woman so much she could leave her baby with him and go out

A dog was so loyal to a woman so much she could leave her baby with him and go out

A dog was so loyal to a woman so much she could leave her baby with him and go out for a few races quickly. She always returns to find the child deeply asleep with the dog. One day something tragic happened.
The woman as usual, left the baby in the hands of this faithful dog and went shopping.
When she came back, she discovered a horrible scene, and there was a total mess. The baby wasn't in his crib, his diapers and his clothes in shreds, with blood stains all over the bedroom. In Shock, the frightened woman started looking for the baby. Suddenly she saw the faithful dog emerging under the bed, covered in blood from everywhere licking her mouth as if he had just finished a delicious meal.
The woman was convinced that the dog had eaten her baby. Without much thought, she beat the dog to death with a wood. Then she continued research to at least find a part of her child's body. Soon she lives another scene. Behind the bed was the well-shaped baby who was naked and had fun on the carpet. Under the bed the woman discovers the body of a snake that has been torn apart. It was a fierce battle between the snake and the dog. The dog fought to protect the baby against the ravenous snake. It was too late for her now to make amends because, in her impatience and anger, she had killed the faithful dog.
How often did we judge people with hard words and spread lies about them before we had time to assess the situation?
For anyone who reads this, I pray that God gives us grace to avoid unconditional mistakes in our lives..

Thursday, May 30

Am looking for the why

Am looking for the why

The world we live in has come to become a place no one seems to understand, why do we all wonder around searching for the same meaning, why do we confuse ourselves and still believe in our our deception, is it because this world is too complex? or is it just too simple for us to comprehend. A lot of questions run through our minds, a lot of thoughts disturb our insides, out of the many questions is a question I have come to realize disturbs a good percentage of the human population, it's a question we all must answer for ourselves, it's a question that leaves the responsibility of our lives in our hands, hence it's a scary question.
  This particular question is the question of purpose. We all like to know the why behind things, so it's natural we want to know the why behind our existence, it's normal to want to live meaningfully. To get this answers we go to therapists, religious leaders, psychics, depending on our individual beliefs, some look to motivational speakers, or even their favourite celebs. But what is the answer to this longing of our heart for something greater than ourselves? where do we go to seek such profound answers?
   To find ourselves, it is essential to find our source, till I see you again.

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Tuesday, May 28

Monday, May 27

Saturday, May 25



LAUTECHs finest VICKISMILEZ X LMX comes together on this soft  R&B rhythm with their sonorous voices to share with us  a love story in a song (freestyle) in anticipation of their fire Jam DUROTIMI. Love is beautiful, love is sweet, love is unpredictable,love could also be pain. Prod by Ace Daphlex..
Enjoy, comment and share.

Listen And Download Here

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Tuesday, May 21

BREAKING: LAUTECH Students Involve In Auto Crash, 2 students confirm dead.

BREAKING: LAUTECH Students Involve In Auto Crash, 2 students confirm dead.

Reports reaching Lautechportal news agency says about 6 students were involved in a motor accident along Aroje road, Ogbomoso.

It was gathered that the accident occurred in front of Bovas filling station.

LAUTECH mourns students who died in accident
Vice- Chancellor, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Professor Michael Olufisayo Ologunde, has described has devastating, the death of some students of the Institution in an early morning auto accident around Aroje area of the city.
Ologunde who was personally involved in efforts at recovering the remains of the dead students, prayed that the Lord repose their souls and grant their parents and the entire University community  the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
He has also directed that the University ambulance be deployed to the scene to convey their remains, ordering functionaries to abandon whatever other duties to ensure that the corpses are recovered for necessary steps ahead of their burial.

Thursday, May 9



The drama began on the early hours of Thursday , 9th of May when two grown students suspected to be in 300L were seen fighting over the LOOM ponzi after it was alleged that one of the men collected 13,000 naira from 8 other friends promising to give 104,000 Naira return but have failed to keep his ill-fated promise. 

The LOOM ponzi started 3 weeks ago and Nigerians have invested a lot of money on it which some patronizers said was paying and some other people complaining of delay in payments

However , the two students caught were wade off by the school security after the alleged loomite have almost lost his live to excessive punching and beating .

Monday, May 6

Monday, April 29

Thursday, April 18



LAUTECH student run for a Cause, He won one hundred thousand Naira and donated it to people leaving with disabilities at the 11th Edition splash fm/power oil  Ibadan city marathon 2019.
The marathon was organised by West Midland communications owners of Splash fm and Lagelu fm Radio stations and supported  by Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Oyedele Hammed Akinkunmi popularly known  as Gilardino is from Ibadan, Oyo state. He is studying computer science at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. And an Officer of Institution CADET corps, LAUTECH COMMAND.

He once emerged as one of the winner of the 5km Road Race Running for a course, Other winners are Raheem Kareem, Mathew Adedigba in  the race for cause event with their cash prizes donated to people living with disabilities, Orphans and Vulnerable.
Hammed, hinged his Victory on discipline and obedience to Almighty Allah.

He said he decided to register for a course because I viewed it as an act of helping the less privileged with my talents which I found so easy and interesting. I trained for it and I thank God for giving me the opportunity and strength to do it.

He said....
May Almighty Allah reward me, my parents, Coach, family, friends and everyone who have supported me in one way or the other.
Service to humanity is the best work of Life.


Sunday, April 14

Nigeria police harassed and collected money from a ladokite in Ilorin.

Nigeria police harassed and collected money from a ladokite in Ilorin.

It is so surprising what happened to me last week actually happened. I usually listen to people's testimonies of how the Nigerian Police harrass them but I didn't believe until it happened to me .

I am a 500L student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. Lautech and I'm a full time businessman. I do travel to Ilorin and Ibadan for some business transactions. But unfortunately for me,  I went to deliver some goods to my customers in Ilorin as usual, On my way coming back to Ogbomosho on that same day. I met this hungry policemen on the highway and he instructed the bike man to park and he told me to pay the bike man so he can leave. Which I did.

I looked decent and well dressed. They asked where I was coming from and where I'm heading to which I answered politely.

They collected my phone and went through it to check if I'm a yahoo boy but they didn't see anything implicating on my phone. I saw smiling and I was thinking I'm free, not until they asked for the receipt of my phone. I was so amazed by the request of my phone's receipt because how do they expect me to go about with my phone's receipt. It was so embarrassing and I told them I didn't have it here with me, And immediately he accused me of stealing the phone. Few minutes after I saw a try cycle parked beside me and the police men asked me to enter that I'm going to the station for stealing a phone.  My phone !!!! Oh my God. I couldn't cry. So I was dragged to the counter in the police station along Ilorin.
We got there and I was asking them for my offence and a police woman came to me and asked me to pay 10k and I'm a free man. She said I should not pass any comment or else she will lock me up in the cell and they will forget me there and that they will not allow me to make any call.

I was shocked with what she said but I told them I can't pay 10k for a baseless offence u claimed I did. She forced me to write statement and said I should write about theft issue on the statement which I didn't. I begged for my freedom and she said I will have to pay 10k. And I have an exam the second day in my school. So I have no choice than to pay the #10,000 so I won't be locked up and delay for the exam I av the next day.

Immediately I paid the #10,000 she said I'm now a free man. And she gave me my phone and my belongings.

This was so painful because the money was removed out of my school fee. It's quite unfortunate that I'm still yet to pay my school fees till this moment, Just because the money is not complete anymore.

This is totally corruption of the highest order. I don't know where this country is heading to. May God protect and guide us.

Friday, April 5

[Video]: OLUSEGUN DIAMOND PROMISE  a.k.a Action boy tiger comedy

[Video]: OLUSEGUN DIAMOND PROMISE a.k.a Action boy tiger comedy

OLUSEGUN DIAMOND PROMISE  a.k.a Action boy tiger comedy as a  young comedian is a native of Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria. He is a talented young comedian, he loves to make people smile by making jokes. OLUSEGUN has a bright hope for being a COMEDIAN.
       OLUSEGUN DIAMOND PROMISE  a.k.a Action boy tiger comedy has now released another comedy skit to make many people smile.
You can still watch and download this ACTION BOY TIGER COMEDY at YouTube.
Be blessed as you download and Share with friends! Follow him on Facebook: Olusegun diamond promise
FB page:diamond the nation
 Instagram @actionboytiger @diamond_thenation

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