Tuesday, November 22


Leaders of tomorrow
We are the leaders of tomorrow? I doubt it!!!

I woke up today and I asked myself, "OLUWASEUN, are we going to be given the opportunity to use our potentials & visions to make this nation a better place to live?" Are we really the leaders of tomorrow as they proclaim?

Then, I recounted that some of our fathers, & mothers in the early times who are now of age 40's, 50's & 60's were all either primary or secondary school students as at that time when our current President was  the then  commander in chief of armed forces in this country. 

Let us all ask them if there is hope, they gave themselves hope then just like us and kept singing "we are the leaders of tomorrow". Today, 80-90% of them are mostly civil servants or in one way or the other still under those barbaric leaders that has been leading us ever since, they are just rotating power within some set of people. 

I was still pondering on this, when this question popped up in my mind saying " Oluwaseun when will this people stop moving from one position to the other?" ( from LG chairman to house of rep, from 8years commissioner to 2terms governor, from minister to president, from governor to president, from Senate to minister) & all sort.

I could not find any answer, I was so sad that I kept wondering where all graduates since the late 70's are. Only 1% of them are struggling with either political life or business to make it to the top. 

Hmmnn... I'm still wondering over my thoughts. I can keep  sharing my thought with you   till this year runs out. But I think all I need is answers, solution, way forward & opinions! 
When will we actually be leaders of tomorrow?
When will we be given a chance to serve our land as we dearly want?
When will this country be a better place to live?
I have a lot of questions that needs answers & I know you do as well which is why I deemed it fit to share my thoughts with everyone out there in this country who has the plan. Let's come together and join hands to make this country worth looking up to by any other country !!!

Anyway, I am Adepoju Afeez Oluwaseun PC Gen. Kayboi, a fellow Nigerian. 

We need every views!
Share and let's see people's view!!!
I believe together we can make a change!!!


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