Sunday, March 19

BREAKING: Doctor commits suicide, Jumps off Third Mainland Bridge

A man said to be a doctor has jumped off the Third Mainland Bridge to his death on Sunday. He was reported to have stopped his driver on the bridge, opened the door of his Nissan SUV and jumped into the Lagoon, The News Guru reported. “The driver parked the car, the doctor came down and immediately jumped into the Lagoon.” Eyewitnesses at the scene also shared the incident on Twitter.
REPORT Of A Suicide On 3rd Mainland Bridge. A Man Just Leaped From The Bridge IntoThe Lagoon. #Lagos#— GIDITRAFFIC (@Gidi_Traffic)March 19, 2017 So apparently someone jumped off the Third Mainland— Tej Wej (@TJOKaro)March 19, 2017

Details Soon. 


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