Wednesday, March 8

Hausa-yoruba Saga, Ile-Ife (See Photos )

News Spreading Earlier today was on Groups clashing in Ile-Ife.A clash between the Yorubas and the Hausas has left the popular area, sabo which is the base of Hausas living in Ife in a state of consternation. Report reaching us was that an Hausa man in the process of trying to separate two Yoruba women who both had a misunderstanding was slapped by one of them who was a town gboro driver’s wife.The man wondering why she had slapped him and without a waste of time retaliated by beating the woman mercilessly.The state of the location was in chaos until the police men came to rescue & settle downs things and also leading to Curfew been declared in Ife from 7pm onwards.. See photos below:


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