Sunday, July 9


After a live interview with Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo by LautechPortal , he was asked about his relationship with his counterpart , Lautech MouthPiece  . He replied 

Well, I do not know him as mouthpiece because mouthpiece does not represent a name and to serve as a mouthpiece, one needs to have been chosen by the majority.

So; Oyedeji Ahmed is a friend, colleague(Senior as far as LAUTECH is concerned because he is in 500level) and a fellow muslim brother. 

I have no issues with him because our path do not cross. He represents his own ideology while I represent mine. 

Its just that some of his hardened loyalists are trying to cause unnecessary fight through unguided statements and needless comments but we are both mature, Big and cultured. We will live pass it....I believe

I have no issue with mouthpiece. He is a friend and if he sends me a message, I will surely reply.

We have been busy lately that's why we hardly chat"

In his interview , he also promised ladokites the resumption is near and gave some strategies to resumption

"Both visitors agreed to audit the accounts and staffs of LAUTECH. Oyo state govt. has paid KPMG audit firm last week wednesday based on available facts"

He also shed light on the issue of fundlautech

"As at the last time(few hours ago) I checked the exact amount on fundLAUTECH website. The sum of #5million naira was boldly written as the present value of the initiative. If we add the sum of 5million naira recently donated by Seyi Makinde although he gave us a standing check of 2.5million regardless of it; we have 10million presently. We raised ten million naira for months and our target is 1billion naira.

How many months shall we use to raise #1billion naira. FundLAUTECH is a nice initiative and good development but it would take a very long time before it would gain the financial strength to revive LAUTECH. Which makes it invisible"

More to follow......💪💪💪✋


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