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How will a child leave home very early in the morning to beg from students entering and leaving the school??

It is so disheartening when some group of young boys below age  7, who were expected to be in school were found begging for money around the school vicinity. It is now a rampant stuff in Lautech .

But where my question lies is

Should the parents be held responsible?

Let's have your opinion


Pragmatically Yes, some parents are heartless to extent that if their child annoys them they  think starving them is the best punishment, by doing so, those child might not be able to endure the pains( abi who fit endure hunger wen no be say u dey fast)
No, it depends on how finacially the background he/she come from, children of nowadays are fond of money. Most kids begging for money,  I don't think it's poverty. There is a guy at stadium like 10years+, u will always see him everynight begging for money, whereas he's from a well financed(average family sha) family, one could see he's not satisfied.
 A lot of them like that, even adult, they prefer manner from heaven than eating the fruit of their labour( u will see dem fully fit and yet still begging around)


In dis ogbomoso some parent do tell dere children to beg for arms 
While some parents don't know about it ........
But many parent know about it.......

Even big gilrs beg for money in dis ogbomoso..... Dey will be going from one house to another


Not only ogbomosho..  Nigeria in general... Parents are at fault and some are not at fault

take a look at the notherns... D parents give out Dier daughters at an early age,  turn Dier boys to cattle rearars.. Dey ave even branded Dier own begging of alms tagging dem *almajiris* we can say this is the fault of the parents...

Let's take a look at Lagos..  When u get to ajegunle or oshodi u find many of this boy's and gal's roaming every where...  Dey beg for alms,  steal,  do all kinds of job..  Most is due to the *death of Dier parents* some ran away from home due to d way dey ave bin maltreated...  Whenever dere z a go-slow in lag u see most of this kids hawking different kinds of commodity just to make ends means...

The problem z not down to the parents alone.. D economic situation of the country has also added to it..  Most parents can't afford just a meal and u expect dem to send Dier wards to school..  It doesn't work dat way...

And the child also z at fault most times..  Due to peer group influence dey feel Wat Dier parents are offering dem z nothing..  D next thing u see z Dat dey are already on the streets... Begging, stealing and all other forms...

So not only parents are to be blamed.. The society in general


It's not the parents fault most of the times, some children are not satisfied with what their parents can afford.


From my own view of perspectives. Parents only should not be blamed. The society as a whole is at fault, what steps has d society taken. How many have visited the parents of these wards and ask them y they do dt. High level of illiteracy and "I don't care" attitude of some parents, they say,let him source for food at least, they will be relieved of d burden jxt because of poverty. Some wards re covetous, not contented with d little their parent could offer and they beg for alms without d consent of d parents. Wat steps has d society taken to eradicate this.


IN Nigeria Generally, POVERTY AND IMMORAL  is what that cause most child abuse cos the rate at which poverty increase is much.
Let's come down to ogbomoso which is where we lived, you will see some child who are like 5 to 10 years old knocking one room to another begging for money and food , I surely know if they have enough at home they wouldn't have do so.

Also we have seen some adults that do beg for money on street due to unemployment and that make them beggars when they want to due of hunger.

My advice goes to the government,  they should pay salaries of workers and there will be circulation of money, also they should provide enough employment opportunities for people so it can eradicate poverty.


To discontinue/stop a tree from growing further, its not by cutting down it's branches but by visiting it root.
In this case, the problem is not the society nor the children but the problem is from the grassroot which is the PARENTS/FAMILY.   My word society is not basically mean 'Government', but mere people like you and me.

As a Social Scientists in view, every child is born innocent, then the first set of people to initiate this innocent child into our society is the PARENT(s) follows by Siblings if available then, then our society. Remember, teaching or training an innocent child in a positive way doesn't guarantee that such child to be a good citizen in the society, that's why we still need our major religious organisations (Christian and Muslim) to also contribute towards the life of all the children in their vicinity directly or indirectly.

Little Children
Begging in the school gate of LAUTECH every morning sounds absurd here in western region of Nigeria, its a normal phenomenon in the northern parts (called AL-MAJIRIs).

The root of the problem is the parents.

Meanwhile, they are the present problem, but if corrections wants to be acted, its should start from the YOUTHS, because:

1. Early Pregnancy is also a cause
2. Illiteracy among the youths (not education per say) you can be a Bs.C holder and still be an illiterate. 
3. High rate of criminal acts in the society (Ogbomoso)
4. Bad peer groups
5. Level of maturity in the society

, good orientations for the present PARENTS in the vicinity involved.

This topic is deeper than this. ... just let us brief it


I think it's a majorly a HOME issue but its way bigger than just the parents only....
Most kids that I've come across in school here (under G area) on the streets.. all look unkept / unfed...
Children cannot all of sudden just dim it fit to start begging from strangers all around for things to eat..
It has got to be, as a result of hunger or dire needs (well in some cases sha.. Some can do it out of in-satisfaction / greed ).

I sometimes blame the home they come from but at the same time I can't put all the blame on the parent who is struggling with everything in HIS/HER power to provide food for his/her wards
But at the end of the day can only afford/provide just little.

Some of the kids have to join their parents to hawk around while some beg around just to support the parents! Cuz that child knows the condition of his/her parents ....

Brothers! Sisters! I won't support the motion of blaming these parents for not being able to provide💯 for their children! Cuz not all parent would be happy to see his/her child starve or go hungry! Not all parents have the capability to provide two square meal per day!...... So do we condemn them for not being able to do so??? When we knw it's only God that has the Power to Uplift n DestroyI'll just advise us to look beyond who to blame and try to assist these kids one way or the other and teach them (if possible) the things they can / should n should not do, and leave all to God who knows each n everyone's fate


In respect to the question if parents are responsible for the Child Abuse! I will say a capital NO ... Whatever that happens is traced to the government who didn't make education to be totally free......even if we've never been abroad, we hear in news system of the abroad leaders... How will a child continue taking care of a 60+ old parent.. In abroad, it becomes the responsibility of the government, but here in Nigeria, reverse is the case.... So we are under a bad government... That's just it... They need to create a rehabilitation center where those children by the roadside  will be taken to for proper orientation... And also they will be a profit and not a liability to the nation because they will be trained on certain craft works and vocations like tailoring, carpentry....with this, they will grow as professionals and create employment opportunities in the labour market... I think I'm making sense.


Wow! Dts very important to do for them...
Few days ago a little boy just ran after me nd started saying in low tone "Uncle! Uncle!! EJO EFUNMINI""" then I cut in....
Where are you living? He just pointed any direction then I said " maalole lokawe e"
Go home and read your book..
U cant believe just as I asked him to go home right there were I was standing he followed another person for the same thing...

As if that was not enough...

One of my boss called me same day like an hrs latter to block him around stadium i taken my bathe and v my cloth changed..
As I was going this same boy dt I ask to go home and read his books followed me again bcos he couldn't recognize me....

I look back again and I say " Go home and read your booooook" come nd see the way he ran...

Now let's talk Dis little boy is not up to the age of 7 and he has understand the concept of such act....
That's bad!!!


I can say those children also have fault,is not like some of them are not giving what they needed but they are only influenced by there friends.He did it once and he saw it make sense that is why most of them keep doing it due to the kind of friends they mingle with, where as parent did not no about it because they taught he or she is in school not know he is bad friends influenced some not parent because some parent hustle to get food,clothe and shelther for them and before they got home they have already tire due to the stress.


to my own perspective,parent are to be blame cos they don't av plan for their unborn child which turn 2 generational poverty and also d economic decline even @ school area young kid hustling (garibola).God I Thank U For My Mum.


It's the parent's fault ofcourse, due to the level of poverty in some homes, life is so unbearable so therefore you that wish to survive will struggle. But may i ask, how can children below the age of 7 struggle than to beg.
If the parents of this children can't provide for their needs then it's the parent's fault no child will fall to the street to beg if he/she can eat three square meals a day unless there's something wrong with the thinking faculty of such child.


I blame the parents,  why? Though God says we should be multiplying but not in poverty. Check ur financial aspect before continuing born born, for instance,  an okada man having two to three wives what did you expect the from their children,  they will roam about and beg for money. It can only be controlled by checking our financial aspects and limited the number of wife. Am ex-Ladokite currently living in kano, the issues are worst in kano compare to ogbomoso.

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