Monday, December 4

#EndSARS is #StartSARS by King Kyle [MUST READ]

Another inspirational write up from king kyle .. 
It's spotlightted on the #endSARS campaign

It goes thus :

#EndSARS is #StartSARS
- Oladipupo Ayotomiwa
(King Kyle) 

Beheading is not a therapy for a migraine.
Scraping SARS might not be the complete correction to corruption, let there be re-structuring!

SARS, unarguably, have become mad dogs in the Nigerian Force:

Against their solemn oath to go against robbery, they have turned to armed robbers chasing cyber criminals like Tom and Jerry would; demanding bribes by force. They now serve as cover-ups to every yahoo boy as long as he pays his tithes to them steadily. This is their huge contribution to corruption by encouraging and promoting cyber crimes amidst Nigerian youths.

With their proper orientation in investigation and criminology, SARS, to my surprise employs these skills to harass anyone irrespective of their endeavors, legal or illegal.
Anyone with a laptop, smartphone or perhaps in an expensive dress and drives a car, gets arrested and detained just because they can do so without anyone to question their deeds.
They have become a nightmare to youths. Everyone is labeled a criminal at the point of their finger, their primary intention is to extort!
The so-called SARS demands huge amount of money at points of bail even if the youth is innocent of crimes, they are predators and follow their preys to ATMs, and threatens such for withdrawal while under duress.
SARS have become beasts, they threaten to kill, claims to be above the law even if the victim is innocent. 

SARS are terrorists in uniform, they plant weeds, bullet, and all sorts of incriminating materials in the possession of the innocent at checkpoints just to make false accusations. They harass and molest beautiful ladies, claiming they are suspects just to satisfy their sexual desires.

These and much more are nothing but fine reasons to put an end to the inhuman and animalistic attitudes they have long ago put on.
A dissolution of this arm of Nigerian Force is like putting a fire on the roof!
Considering the fact that they malfunction when they have a legal backing, how worse would they become when rendered jobless?

The nation as a whole must be reminded that these are trained agents with arms they will not submit on the account of dismissal. Scraping the unit will neither cause a change in their attitude nor have a positive impact on the expensive lifestyle they've gotten used to; rendering them jobless would result in hunger. An adage says "a hungry man is an angry man".We must realize that one of the factors that could have caused this menace might have been insufficient salaries or perhaps and entitlement mindset, imagine what would happen if the so-called cushion is taken away.
As a fact, these bunch will spread out to become full-fledged thieves, fuss up to be another set of a threat to the security of our lives and property.
We must be careful!
To really avert the explosion of the keg of gunpowder we are currently sitting on as a nation, I'll, in my opinion, recommend the federal government to revamp the sector and do a thorough restructuring.
Matters like this is beyond mortals.
God bless Nigeria!


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