Friday, December 22


The university management is taking no chill as they set resume school activities by Jan 2nd , 2018 . According to the distributed reports earlier , there is no holiday after the new year festival for ladokites as academic activities will commence immediately However , the date for which lectures will commence is yet to announced but we guess it's coming sooner than we can expect . According to an activist , the calendar will be released in TWO WEEKS time and all students should endeavor to be in school before the stipulated time Without forgetting , that there are 2 sessions ahead of us to cover and it should not be surprising if a marathon semester that was just concluded is repeated twice again ! As the 2017/18 freshers pays acceptance fee , the 2016/17 freshmen should have it in mind that the BIOMETRICS and submission of departmental file will commence by January We wish every reader and students a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in arrears


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