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This was the epic interview that exposed the secrecy between what really happened on that very day the LAUTECH cadet had a rift with Mr.Bollutech

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L.O:  Good day Mr RSM,  like you know already we are here from LAUTECH OLOFOFO and the reason for our visit is on the issue that transpired  between the LAUTECH CADET and Mr BOLU.
   So Mr RSM could you please tell us what happened on that day?
MR RSM: Firstly, I must say that this issue was not supposed to go this length, for it was settled the instance it started, but Mr BOLU as you called him, made the issue this extensive and I'd he has gotten the fame he wants,for if not, he wouldn't have posted his write up that made the matter like this.
  The said occurence happened on 10th November,2017.
   One of our men in charge of where Mr BOLU was at the health center, he(the cadet) was there to maintain orderliness and direct students for their medical registrations.
Then Mr BOLU was violating the officers order of arrangement the officer walked up to him and corrected him but Mr BOLU didn't heed to words.
 After several warnings the officer on duty called my attention to what was happening so when I was called I took Mr BOLU to an isolated area, and I asked him to squat and in the process of asking him to squat he brought out his phone and said he wanted to call one of his school father's in person of one Mr HORLA NAWTY because he doesn't know where I was taking him to or what I was going to do to him.
  This statement made me furious and I asked him to do a frog jump (which he didn't do) to and fro the health center, but in the process of him trying to squat, that was when a LAUTECH security personnel came to his aid and interceded on his behalf which I obeyed.
   The matter was settled and blamed us both for taking the matter that far, and immediately I asked him to go back to the queue. That was when he  made broadcast his first article *WHAT RIGHT DOES A STUDENT SECURITY OFFICER HAVE OVER A NORMAL STUDENT.*  The fact that he wrote against us wasn't what got me but the annoying thing was that he wasn't direct with his article though he was talking about the CADET but what he wrote was against all SECURITY ASSOCIATIONS on this campus which comprised of four PARAMILITARY ORGANISATIONS which are
  He insulted us all with his write up.
   When we saw the writeup we discussed it at our following meeting at our base and last week Sunday after our masters duty we apprehended him and brought him to order, you might ask how we got him but the answer is that we have our way of getting intel.

   When he was brought in we asked him why he wrote such lie against us and the answer he could get was that he felt cheated, how did they cheat you was the question on our minds because we didn't stop him when it was his turn to be attended to or we didn't push him out of the queue but it was crystal clear he wanted to use the CADET to make a name for himself and the funny thing is that this Mr BOLU is not yet a student but that's by the way.
 We offered him a room, chips, biscuit and water just to welcome him as a friend and as well make him feel comfortable.
  I must say we actually wanted him to do the frog he said he did that he didn't do from the FAA department to our base but when he started he hasn't done 3% of what we asked him to do before someone came to beg for him and we pardoned him.
So after all that happened we asked him to write another writeup to counter what he had written earlier to make the general public know the truth, it was annoying that we were there to coordinate the medical registrations and he went ahead to write false news against the CADET, so we only made him see and know that what he did was very bad. For the information of the general public after the matter we collected his admission letter but we have returned it to Mr BOLU just to have his information and nothing else just like when police men take down details from people.
   After the whole matter I gave him my number should in case he might be needing any assistance from me what so ever, and we made him a friend, and when he came back for the final medical clearance I helped make it easier for him.

L.O: Thank you sir, so you mean he didn't do the frog jump he claimed in his first writeup that he did?

RSM: Yes he didn't, he was about to squat when the woman came to plead on his behalf.

L.O: Is it that Lautech CADET was assigned to help at the Health Center or you felt like it's your duty?
RSM:  The director of the health center is our advisor, in Lautech we have so many advisors so whenever there are things going on in the school that needs our attention they call out.

L.O: What is the main purpose of having the CADET in school.

RSM: Thank you, there is no way there will be a country without their security personnel's, it is expected to have persons to put things in order and instill discipline into others, that's why we are here.
We are here for military and service.

L.O: Thank you sir, for how long have you been the RSM of LAUTECH CADET?.

RSM: I was awarded the post 20th of April 2015, actually I am the longest serving RSM of the LAUTECH CADET due to the strike.

L.O: how old is the Lautech CADET?

RSM: Since May 12 2012, that's five years.

L.O: Okay sir, apart from being at the health center, what other things does the CADET do for the school and the students at large?

RSM: We instill descipline into students,
 we apprehend robbers,
 we settle cases,
we apprehend oppressors,
we apprehend cheaters
 we stand against brutalism.
We are called upon by the school for many activities which are Elections,
 Masters exams, amongst others.
They trust us and our abilities.

L.O: As a student of Lautech, knowing that you have the same 24hours,
same lectures to attend,
 same tests to write and so,
how do you balance school with CADET?

RSM: I must say it hasn't been easy for me,
as the king of boys (that's what they call me), for two weeks now I have not been able to attend classes, like I devoted the two weeks for the freshers, it's not been easy balancing but from Monday 20th I'll resume class and pause CADET activities for a while.
It's not like I want to leave CADET but I'll put most of my time in academics now God has being helping though, I do my readings mostly at nights because my primary duty here in Lautech is my academics.

L.O: I think this would be my last question for today. What is your advise for the fresh students coming into the school?

RSM: My advise for the incoming students is that they should engage in whatever would benefit them, things that could be a plus to the society,
 especially organisations in school,
aside the PARAMILITARY, we have the Politicals, there is a press organization, sports. Joining one would really help.
Me for an example, being a CADET has really exposed me,I've got to meet a whole lot of people being to places.
 Even people I never thought of meeting I've met them, I've worked one on one with AKALA I've worked one on one with GOV AREGBESOLA, from being a CADET we have met top GENERALS in this country top MILITARY officers, I have been to places where an ordinary student would just go into even in this school spoken with a whole lot of people.
That is just a little of what the CADET has done for me.
So my advice for the freshers even the senior students can also learn from this, they can join A LEGAL GROUP that would help them even aside coming to CADET. It's not because of school at the moment but because of the future.

L.O: Thank you so much for your time sir. I'll like you to tell us your name, department and level.

300 level,
marketing department.

*Note: LO means Lautech Olofofo*
*Bolu is *Ishola Bolutech Williams*

*Brought to you by Lautech Olofofo*


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