Monday, December 18


Another powerful write up by the anonymous writer , Oyedeji Ahmed , landed today and it's served fresh .

Reporting from lautechportal ;

The fresh graduates galvanization for service by February may not be possible again considering the staff work load, senate approval on result, submission of the graduates list in abuja, and meeting up with the NYSC laid down rules. 

NYSC camp will officially open by Jan 16 and submission of names ought to have been made 60 days before the opening of the camp. There's no a shortcut to this or uru-uru. 

Before the list of the graduating students can be submitted to Abuja or get to the stage of mobilization, there must have been senate approval on result. The COPD will meet on result and quickly consider those who are in for harmattan firstly to senate approval before putting the fresh graduates into consideration for approval. This is when the result is completed and the fresh graduates can be talking about service. For without this, service is not possible. Besides, there are still some "10 set students" who are yet to be mobilized. These people have to be considered first. It's fundamental. 

However, before result can get to the committee of Dean and provost, ( COPD), it has to pass through the HOD and Dean. I.e, from HOD - Dean - COPD. From Dean to COPD will at least take two weeks or longer than that. While senate approval on all 500 level results may take much longer. This will have to cover from 100 level first semester to 500 level second semester. No shortcut to this. Except the school will want to change the tradition and imitate Unilorin that only use first semester result of their final year students for mobilization. 

After the senate approval on the first semester result which may likely be on 20th of this month as the senate will be meeting, the Second semester result may also be out by February to allow those who may want to do transfer or crossing to another department. So, galvanization for service by the fresh graduates is totally out of it even though the school management is really pulling all string to make it possible. Be thinking of JUNE

Service by June seems to be the surest bet. No doubt about that. However, before that June, convocation may come up. The school can't just afford to miss that likewise the fresh graduates who have been indisposed by strike. Guess what would be the slogan for the graduates ? "*DELAY IS NOT DENIAL". 

While I say congratulations to all finalist, am also wishing  all undergraduates the best of luck in their exams.


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