Sunday, December 3


LAUTECH olofofo team has took their time to apologize to the public in an open letter ..

It goes thus;

*For The Lautech Cadet Corp and Ishola Bollutech imbroglio, we are sorry*

We would like to apologize for a post supposedly credited to us that caused a huge uproar within the school's social media space.

It was  hypocritical and we failed erroneously to hear both sides to the story.

But now we clearly see what transpired between Ishola Bollutech and the Lautech Cadet Corp and we are sorry we mislead the public to believing a purported interview credited to one of our correspondence as the genuine report of the events.

All what transpired was a play taken a little far as both parties sorted out the issue amicably.

We take responsibility for the damage we caused and will do our best to pay back the trust the media has in us.

Also, I wish to apologise on behalf of the correspondence who did the controversial interview for the way the subject was handled.

I can only hope and pray that this anomaly would not in any way take a rough toll on the long time friendship and future collaborations between Lautech Olofofo, Ishola Bollutech and The Lautech Cadet Corp.

Once Again we are sorry


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