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It is no news that the just concluded yearly exercise of law students has turned almost all Nigerians into a Lawyer. Everyone has written in accordance with their level of exposure, intellectual capacity and individual interest.

It is just very sardonic how the supposed elites speaks so ignorantly, adults like toddlers, leaders like daft followers while the office holders are "write off".

Nonetheless, I will in the few lines to come share with us some logical perspectives as regards the subject matter in a bid to help we teaming youth and other concerned patriotic Nigerian sharpen our cognitive reasoning that seems to have disappeared into One Corner.

1. I am not a Law student neither am I a Barrister nor Lawyer, hence my words are subjected to your verification
2. Many said Firdausa broke the dressing code law for the Bar 2. Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, I am yet to see for myself any document proving that. Though, I have heard from some 'learned friend' that no dress code was disobeyed.

To the Crux of the matter

Many keep chanting that Nigeria is a secular state. Eschewing the debate of secularity and taking the afore premise as true, what this simply means is that the Laws of the land MUST at all times be obeyed, failure to which punishment is sacrosanct. Going by this, the question then is which of the Laws of the land has Firdausa disobeyed?

They said the dress code law for the Law School (Bar 2)

But then, every living soul that is conversant with the laws of the land would know that Firdausa has not disobeyed any law in this regards. How?

A particular section of the Laws of our dear nation granted her Freedom to conscience, to speech and even to Religion both publicly and privately.
Similarly, it is posited in Section 3 of the laws of our land that when two laws conflict, the upper law takes precedence.

Putting both together, what this implies is that the sub law (the dress code act for law school only) is in conflict with an upper law, the laws of our secular land (The Nigerian Constitution), then the constitution automatically takes precedence.

Going by this logical and constitutional argument, Miss Firdausa has not disobeyed any of the laws of the land, rather it is the body of Benchers that had disobeyed the laws of our secular nation by trampling on her constitutional right.
Hence, the secular laws of the secular Nation should act and act fast.

Furthermore, many claim that if the Hijab is allowed, then the traditionalist and other recognized religious groups can attend and get called to bar in their "shaki", "sutana" and other outfits as peculiar to their believes.

The response to this is simple. As long as they attend lectures, go to work places and all other events of their daily life in that same attire.


Because under the Evidence Act of the laws of our dear secular Nation, there is something called #JUDICIAL #OBSERVATION. What this mean in this case is, we have to look at  Miss Firdausa and observe how she has been dressing prior to the occurrence to be sure she was not just out to create unnecessary tension. If she has been dressing without her Hijab, then necessary disciplinary measures should be mete out on her. But if her Hijab had always been her Pride, then the custodians of the laws of our secular land had been unjust to her and the needful need be done. At this junction we need to ask how she attended the 3 customary dinners which are pre requisites to being called to bar. If she was not told to remove her Hijab then, why Now?

Also, some comments claims that Muslims wants to make them Second Class Citizens in a nation we built together

My dear patriots , a pristine definition of second class citizen from the secular law would do us so much good so that we can be abreast and stop being myopic or shallow in attending to issues. It is time we stopped being More "Oyinbo-ish" than the "Oyinbos"

Summarily, Firdausa broke no Law by upholding her stance and fundamental right as a Nigerian. Also, she had not just make a wave in the Nation, she has inscribed her name in Gold by challenging the status quo in the face of the almighty oppressors.

Indeed, #Firdausa is a #Heroine

©Sherifdeen Bolarinwa 12/17


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