Friday, March 2

Pandemonium in College as House election turns to War

The FABAMSSA house election slated for yesterday has turned into a rowdy session when the sitting was disrupted only to see flogging of unionist with Pankere. The beating was severe than anyone could adhere or accommodate or else dies or faint. The helter skelter run for safety of people however did not disrupt most academic proceedings especially that of MLS biochemistry class, although, it renders innocent to punishment and holds people/PG around to ransom of not getting out and risk of getting flogged.

A source learnt that the mace is been broken and that the outgoing speaker may have been attacked.

The course of the fight seems to be unknown but the presumable part of it is that it is an inter-party war.

'It is due to the foreseen change of power, and whatever it is, a group will never reign forever', a informant preferred identity covered.

I still feel the pity for those beaten and the pain of all faithful unionist, then wonders what the fate of unionism is and what youth leadership infers.

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