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Nigerians Owe Me An Apology For Misinterpreting My Article “Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Were The Reason Why I Got Married” – Kisha​

Queen of Controversy and CEO of WWW.AMIBOISLAND.COM Kisha has reacted to the reports that she shaded Popular Blogger, Linda Ikeji Over Her Marital Status As Fallacy.

She went further to state that the opposite was the Case and she expects an apology from Nigerians. Read her post below…

I think we are in that era where you alone can decipher whatever piece u put out there else, you will be misinterpreted.

In Our Society today, people tend to have this reaction they give to Women who had Attained Some heights in the Society but still not married!

The previous week marked alot of events in my life. From My Birthday, To My Blog's 5Yrs Anniversary and also, My Marital status was one, though choosing that occasion to appreciate someone i hold dear, had generated a lot of reactions but do i care? No but when it has to do with her, i do.

The post which read; ​Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Were The Reason Why I Got Married – 23Yrs Old Controversial Blogger, Kisha​
Imo Born blogger and CEO of WWW.AMIBOISLAND.COM Kisha took to her social media handle to share a Seemly encrypted Message on the reason behind her rush into marriage especially when it seemed that her brand was on the Apex of Fame.

Ahead of her Blog’s 5yrs Anniversary, She also went further in revealing how what she tagged Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments influenced her decision to get married…Read below;

“Love is a very beautiful thing. Some say it can only be felt but I doubt it”.

When you are caught up, You are caught up. You See it happening to you yet you can’t help it!

You climb the highest mountains and still ask if it would hurt when you fall from there? Lol…Yes That is a Perfect Example of what it does to people!!!

Saw My Name in the Stars! Thence, I could Read The Future & What I Holds Perhaps.

Oh, Sands Of Time! Enough With the parables but I could at least reflect while I reminisce!!!

I was the issue of the Moment, i was Likened Like One fellow, thence some said I followed her footsteps but I knew I could change the story line, “SINCERELY, I DIDN’T WANT TO SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS MY ROLE MODEL HENCE THE HASTE”


Am grateful to everyone that has supported this journey of a young dreamer. AMIBO ISLAND WILL BE 5YEARS OLD BY 20. It doesn’t stop here….We will keep pushing.

Reacting to the Term ‘Predicaments’; Have You ever Imagined Someone Showing Up On Your Page To Abuse The Hell Out Of You, How Will You React? Badly right? Exactly but in her case Some even go to the length of coming to her Blog to abuse her. Many a time, I’ve stumbled on slandering comments like “Linda Stop posting someone else’s husband o, Linda this, Linda that and many More unprintable Words”; To Me, That’s unacceptable hence, I ensured that i avoided it completely.

“Using those instances above, None would want such ordeal I presumed hence, I Used her as a reference to call for a societal sanitation to such Myopic, Injudicious and Narrow Minded Views our people have on Successful Women Just Because of their Marital Status but unfortunately, I was Misconstrued”.

If been married is Achievement, why then do I still work even twice as hard as I used to? Most Media Platforms even presumed I Am A Rival…Lol. Linda Is Someone I Look Up to. I’ve Spent My Entire Life Defending. I even Pray for her So How Then Will I cajole her? This is absurd!!!

Wake Up World People, You All Misconstrued it completely. I See No Competition and if At Any Point One comes, “Always Remember That Before We Became Colleagues, We Were Already Sisters and Who knows, she might be the Sister I never had”


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