Friday, April 13


We took our time to carefully find out the top 5 personalities in our glorious institution . These people are not just people , they are people who are found and mentioned when ladokites are mentioned.  The people we picked is strictly based on students that are still currently studying in the institution

We are going to share them with you from the ascending order ..


Ishola Bollutech

This guy is a undermined and exotic student of the great institution . He gained admission into the institution in 2016 and have been famous throughout his 100L, After his mighty and brave attack on the Lautech Cadet .


Mr. Planet

The mighty liberalist and renowned politician for the LSUG'16 saga that made the school went on lockdown before the strike has a name in the Student Union Government of Lautech .  He's know for his ruggedness and doggedness throughout the campus .


Morawo Maxwell aka Moore

The 300L mechanical engineering student , commonly known as Moore is an outstanding student after getting side attractions at the Faculty of Engineering after he recorded a CGPA of 5.00 in his 200L . According to his friends, he studies 14 hours a day .



A renowned student in the school commonly known for bringing celebrities into the campus. His fame is wide spread and he earned him numerous awards .

#1 Lautech Mouthpiece

The number 1 voice of the student and amiable politician  , writer and ambitious student, Oyedeji Hamed aka LMP as he called by most student of the institution . His fame grew during the strike as he was able to update the students on the issues and development of the school . His write up is usually hopeful and full of suspense , that's the major reason students loved him



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