Friday, May 25


The title above, nostalgically taken from an open record of activism herein LAUTECH moves memory of how Ladokites were cryptically explained to be indispensable and invincible; Speaking reminiscently, today, 24th, May, 2018 makes it completely a year since this piece was written. On the 24th of May, 2017, a number of Ladokites trooped into the city of Osogbo to register their despondency on the faceless face of the "financially incapacitated" governor, Gov. Rauf Aregbesola as regards the lingering strike, and as that protest was being staged so was Ayotomiwa Oladipupo popularly known as KING KYLE transmitting the protest on paper which is this, entitled "LAUTECH STUDENTS PROTEST IN OSOGBO".

The poem regarded as the poem of Aluta cryingly conveyed the startling horror of Ladokites to the world. And rated the writer himself, KING KYLE as one of the nominees of ANUCA's most creative student of the year.

Such story worth sharing again, likewise to say cheers to the stability of our prestigious school today didn't make us look far long in the archives. Here it's to enjoy:

Wednesday, 24th May, 2017.
- King Kyle

If it's hot, the sun is angry
if it rains, the skies are crying
We've kissed your soil with our tormented toes
We've seen the footsteps of your unwanted soles!

You flush and perfume your fugly body with our father's sweat
You lavish your selfish belly with the scent of our mother's wealth.

We are their children, we learn at your school of thoughts
We study in your body, where what you wear obstructs!

Will Our Weeping Wednesday Wreck Your Wickedness?

We are Ladokites, the kite you fly
If you loose the rope we gain the sky
If you loose the rope, we fly with stars.
We are Ladokites, the kite you fly
If you loose the rope, you lose your hope
If you choose your rope, our wings will grow!

- Ayotomiwa Oladipupo (King Kyle) .```


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