Friday, June 29

A Ladokite Escapes ORO [See Full Story]

Feranmi Olukunle, A bonafide ladokite narrated his adventure to Lautechportal today on how he got past the "ORO" last night while  returning from a friend's hostel.

"I can't believe it happened but it actually happened " He began " I finished partying with my friends around 11:45pm last night and I was drunk mehn , as in totally drunk ... I stay at General though and it skipped my mind that ORO is still on " .

"I boarded bike that night and it dropped me at Lautech teaching hospital .. I can't even remember how much I gave him because i was feeling dizzy "

"I was the only one at that side that night and I was even hearing the sound of my footsteps and that's what attracted those people "

" I just started hearing that oro sound like someone is rolling wire sha .. I can't explain , it's sha sounding like wind and a voices followed the sound like 'duro duro' which means wait wait in English ... I didn't wait ooo , I ran into one empty building , jump the fence , enter bush , I sha landed inside one bush sha with bruises "

"And the ORO people started their incantations , me that doesn't go to church started reciting Lord's prayer (laughs) , haha , it's not funny ooo "

"I just kept my head low in that spot I am, And I avoid making any sound . The ORO people searched that building for several hours before they finally left "

"That's where I slept over night oo and I thank God I'm still alive .. Make una help me thank God "


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