Saturday, June 2

Alert: Violence on campus, voice of Ladokite ,Say no To Violence

Should this be called a self disciplinary committee or what, if a Student in anyways violate the laid down rules and Regulations that should bring the need for such issue to be properly addressed by the disciplinary committee of the school Not by ganging up to Revenge. 

What brought this is the issue of a guy who narrated to us today 1/6/2018 his experience in the School student affairs building. 

He was called that DSA asked him to report to his office, and as a loyal student he went there.

Only for him to get there to receive a bad thrashing by some students. 

The beating was so severe that he got scars all over his body,even in the presence of a man who is said to be one of the secretary to the DSA popularly called Mr Babs.

Some students went to the student affairs this evening around 6pm and summon on the Dean to ask him why such a thing would happen in a school where we duly signed our “oath of Allegiance” that there will be no sort of Violence in the school,
Mr Babs couldn't even give the students a cogent reason and he was reported to be threatening the students  who followed the boy there with their academics.

Mr Babs accepted the fact that he is among those who beat the student up  and when he was asked why he did that he still could not give a reason all he keep saying  was that he(the victim) offended those students he ganged up with to beat him and since he offended  those guys (He is a criminal), 
What for? 

According to the victim 

 Well the DSA didn't address the issue and he just ask us to leave

Now what’s on students heart is that hope the “Oath of allegiance we signed on our matric day isn’t an Oath to get cheated 

My question to the DSA “SIR” is that are we at any length safe , to prevent such things like this to happen that’s why the disciplinary committee is being projected in the school cycle, If at all he has go  against the rules and regulations he shouldn’t have been punished but reported.

This is a call to End violence, This is the voice of Ladokite , If this is ignored, No one knows if a bigger one might Emerge, We didn’t agree to be Cheated but to be Loyal. 

Your action to this will be really effective,don’t neglect sir, We say no To Violence. 


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