Friday, July 27


The inhabitants of Under G , Lautech student area ,  will still be in shock and troubled about the terrifying and multiple gunshots heard around 1-3am on the Friday , 25th of July , 2018

According to reports , the SUG have earlier broadcasted that all students should endeavor to hold their student Id card or means of identification while coming or going to school just for security consciousness .

As a result of multiple robbery case being reported at Under G , the SUG leaders and some other students accompained by the Aluta Jet , came down to a major at Under G to conduct a stop-and-search .

According to reports and eye witness , the process have been going smoothly until a bus was approaching and it was signalled to from afar to stop.  In attempt to stop the bus , the bus reversed with full speed and suspiciously , the SUG threw a stone to the body of the car for identification when the sun rises ..

The car have been thought to have gone or escaped , but it came back with full force and started shooting stray bullets at the students conducting the stop-and-search .. The car has been defined to belong to the SARS and that the SARS personnel did the shooting ..
However , the students fled for their lives , leaving the Aluta Jet behind which causes its 4 tires  to be deflated and all mirrors broken ..

According to reports from the Kudirat Abiola Building , about 3 students have been declared missing from that attack whose whereabouts have not been known , whether dead or alive .

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