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A lot of memos is already on air about the NANS protest coming up in LAUTECH relative to rustication saga of 12 gallant LAUTECH comrades .
We were able to gather one which was signed by the NANs president , which they expressed why their actions will take place but we think they are a bit wrong about that .

Read Below and Judge .. Is these why the students were rusticated  ? See for yourself

"“Move for the Reinstatement of Lautech_12 unconditionally or arrest our mass action”, NANS President tell Lautech DSA.

The NANS NANS National president, Denilson Bamidele and Senate President of NAUS has told the Dean of Student affairs, Lautech to move for the reinstatement of the students he allegedly at the Senate panel or face the mass action. The students’ leadership argued that the unlawful rustication is dead on arrival.

“The NANS president of NANS has received the provocative news about the rustication of Lautech Student for registering their displeasure and the plan in hike in the students tuition.

“The unlawful rustication is dead on arrival and it is condemned as the DSA will received the leadership of the organisation and ready for the mass arrest he had been putting in place because our gallant comrade has being arriving ogbomosho the host community of Lautech over the ugly rustication and systematic hike in Lautech Tuition.

“It is quite unfortunate that students journalists can no more express their opinions again on campuses without ending up been victims of oppression and victimisation.

“The loss we have suffered by losing many potential writers and journalists to rustication, expulsion, suspension and the likes cannot be withstood anymore. We so consider the decision of the Senate to hike the tuition and Lunching of No School Fee, No Exam is very repugnant to the principle of natural justice, equity, good conscience and peaceful coexistence.

“We therefore condemn in totality this attempt to gag the future leaders in this era of NOT TOO YOUNG TO RULE.
“In that vein, we declare this coming Monday 30th of July 2018 a Day of Mass Action in Lautech to arrest this ugly situation.

“Convergence point and Time shall be communicated in due time even if the DSA arrested those in ogbomosho for consultation. “And at the end, we will all be glad and excited that Lautech_12 shall be reinstated unconditionally!

“No retreat, No surrender”.

NANS President
NAUS Senate President  "

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