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How to Get 125% Data Bonus on GLO 4G LTE SIM

OGA Sim: How to Get 125% Data Bonus on GLO 4G LTE SIM

Glo decided to follow suit after 9mobile launched the 4.5GB for N500 offer but this time dey decided to favor the 4g LTE users.

In like manner they introduced Glo Oga Sim. Glo Oga SIM is the most recent Glo data offer in town, it gives all Glo subscribers 125% data bonus over the standard data package on their subscriptions.

To Enjoy this offer you can easily go and register for a Glo 4G SIM or upgrade your existing 3G SIM to a 4G SIM at any Glo office nearest to you.

If you have done that then you can start enjoying 125% bonus on your data subscriptions for at least the next 4 month that the offer is expected to last and hopefully the offer might be extended beyond 4 months.

Below are some of amazing data bonus you can get on your Glo OGA Sim.

N1,000 – 3.6GB
N2,500 – 12.5GB and so on.

FAQS & TIPS ON GLO Oga Sim Promo

Who Can Get the Glo Oga Sim Bonus?

√ Glo OGA sim is open to everyone; Existing customers can swap their sims to Oga SIM.

How to Update My Glo Sim to 4G LTE Oga Sim??

If you Glo Sim isn’t 4G LTE, you wouldn’t be eligible to get your Glo bonus data, you therefore need to visit the nearest gloworld/glozone outlet with a valid ID card and the old Sim to upgrade to a Glo 4G LTE Sim.

Can Oga Sim Work on 3g??

Your Glo oga sim will still function on a 3G network to ensure you get a seamless data connectivity.
NOTE: You must be within a 3G or 4G data coverage area to enjoy a fast internet connectivity. 

Subscribers on an Edge network will experience a slower internet connection.

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