Saturday, August 4

[Shocking!!!] Female ladokite cries out for a serious relationship

The attention of  ladokites , especially the males , have been to drawn to a beautiful female ladokite , as she cries out for a relationship on her social media handle .

She claims strongly to be in need of a serious relationship as she's already growing old and needs to get married soon after school .. As least expected, she's too beautiful to say such a thing , but according to what she said on Facebook , It looks she's actually single .

She writes

"I've suffered a lot from a lot of guys who have broken my heart and left me . So I am in dire need of a serious and God fearing relationship "


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  1. She is looking for a good relationship but when she said God fearing person that means she already create a standard of the person she's looking for. Why don't her find a guy she knows is ambitious to succeed with nothing to start and build a solid foundation together then you tell me if a relationship is in progress.