Friday, September 21

[OSUNDECIDES]: Advice to Lautech Student Community To Vote ADEOTI By: Fawole Israel

#OSUNDECIDES: Advice to Lautech Student Community To Vote ADEOTI
By : Fawole Israel
-The very much anticipated election of Osun State is just around the corner with different kinds of Political analysts pegging down the major Contenders on four Candidates such as : APC candidate - Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola, ADP candidate in person of Alh. Mashood Adeoti, SDP  Candidate - Sen. Iyiola Omisore and the Candidacy of Sen. Ademola Adeleke of PDP.

 -It's on the assertion that individual is entitle to his or her Opinion that I'm basically wishin all of us in Osun State to throw our hats behind the Candidate of ADP in persons of Mashood Adeoti/ Prof. Adeolu Durotoye.
   -It could be recalled that Adeoti withdrew from his former political party's Primary hours to the said election citing irregularities and unfaithfulness in the manner at which the party was going about the primary then. He resigned his membership of the party and was eventually given the governorship ticket of the Action Democratic Party ( ADP). Please don't crucify me yet...

-It take experience to understand beyond theory that politics is the art of managing a community’s resources and values by some appointed people for collective benefit of the community at large. A people’s government is one that is acceptable to the middle class and accessible by the lower class. We need to understand that the prosperity of the middle class is the happiness of the lower class hence when the middle class is comfortable the lower class also is.
 -It's indisputable fact that bulk of the People of Osun State still have sympathy for the APC over PDP but the problem is that they want to free themselves from the bondage of the jagaban, don't you notice a kind of big confusion here?
 -Now to put it explicitly Adeoti's candidacy is the best for the people of osun especially for those people who have long been yawning to have someone who :  1. Do not have political godfather to whom the very scarced resources of the state will be given   2. Has optimal governance experiences. It is only Adeoti that has touched almost every political administrative hierarchy among all Contenders having roused up from being a Councilor at the ward level, Two time chairman of the local government, The Substantive Chairman of the then defunct parties - ACN, AD, AC etc for close to 8 years and finally the Secretary of the state.  3. It's only Adeoti that we know has his son in a close-to-mortgaged Ladoke Akinola Teaching Hospital ( LAUTECH).   Conclusively, Osun People are surely going to enjoy Adeoti / Adeolu if given the mantle of leadership in the State.

-Thus, it is a mental misfortune for anybody to think that the APC it is only an evidence of sheer cerebral reduction or political shamefacedness on those who think the highly intellectual Osun people will prefer the Adeleke’s  ‘dance infrastructure’ to the Oyetola’s ‘lie infrastructure’ over ‘Adeoti’s Fortune and Social Infrastructure of Progress’.
-of course, it is bags of conscience not of rice/money that will give Adeoti  victory come saturday.

Give it to the osun people, they will to choose between Scylla and Charybdis come saturday, they prefer align with Adeoti than to go with the broom that of agony or to hide under a punctured umbrella.


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