Tuesday, December 18


Professor Akindele , the lecturer that was alleged to have demand for sex to pass one of her students , Monica Osagie , from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) , have been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment

Justice Maureen Onyetenu , who had to stand down the case two times , before finally giving her judgement, said regardless of the plea bargain arrived at by the parties, Akindele should be used as a scapegoat to deter higher institutions’ lecturers in the habit of molesting female students because of sex from engaging in such acts .
She sentenced Akindele to 24 months jail -term for asking Monica for a sexual benefit and handed him another 24 months jail -term for soliciting from the victim sexual benefit to pass her .
The visibly displeased Justice Onyetenu also sentenced Akindele to 12 months jail - term for deleting parts of the Whatsapp conversation between him and Miss Osagie to conceal evidence against him and sentenced him to another 12 months jail -term for falsification of age . The six years jail terms are to run concurrently .
The judge who insisted that plea bargain could apply when public interest was involved, stressed that public interest was against Akindele , saying many female students have been turned to sex slaves by higher institutions’ lecturers .
“The menace is getting to secondary and primary schools . I am a pastor and a counsellor . I know mental torture many of our female students have been subjected to by the likes of the respondent .

“The adverse effect of such action is huge . Many of his likes have been awarding marks to those students that are ready to warm their beds , thereby releasing half - baked graduates into the society , ” Onyetenu said .
Earlier , Akindele informed the court of his decision to change his plea from ‘ not guilty ’ to ‘ guilty. ’


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