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Study in Nigeria has shown that 1 in10 men have this particular sexual dysfunction.
Another study in Nigeria shows that the normal time for ejaculation take place after penetration is to be 5minutes (5minutes±30seconds). And then if ejaculation occur within within the first two minutes, there may be a problem.

Premature ejaculation (PE)  is a common problem involving sexual intercourse less than two minutes before ejaculation and the pathner is not usually satisfied. However, if the both Partners are  satisfied, it might not be regarded as premature ejaculation. It has two types which are:;

  • Primary PE: It is often psychological and starts when the male first become sexually active. 
  • Secondary PE: It occurs later in life and can be caused by both psychological and physical factors, stress, anxiety, depression e.t.c


Foreplay:; It includes trying to increase the woman's mood by either stimulation, kissing, suckling and some other sexual activities and even rocking. Foreplay depends on knowing the your Pathner fully well that which part of her body gets stimulated faster to help her achieve orgasm.

However, there is an anatomical part known as CLITORIS which looks like a comma shape anterior to the vagina which also get stimulated during sex and help female achieve orgasm, Try to stimulate it by rubbing in a circular motion or rocking it depending on the partners choice either with the fingers or the tip of the tongue and gently moved the fingers towards the interior vaginal wall to continue the stimulation to make sure the female well aroused and wet before final penetration.

Also, after final penetration, changing of positions is usually helpful in delaying ejaculation. BUT, It is advisable to change position when it is close to 5minutes on a position which means it is close to ejaculation and it is also better to hold back and have a rest of at least 10seconds in which the stimulation can continue during this restaurant time before the next penetration in the next position.

Avoid any distraction as possible because sex is more enjoyable when both parties are concentrated because a little distraction from phones,objects or evn people's voice can cause mood change and lead to PE.

Slowdown during penetration because fast and rigorous riding can cause excessive stimulation and lead to PE, and the partner will not be satisfied.

Masturbation is also said to help boost sexual stamina and also help last longer you more confident and more comfortable.

Use of condom also help decrease excessive stimulation and help prolong the ejaculation time. Also,  there are some other branded condoms that help prolong sexual activities. A good example is FIESTA CONDOM (prolong and stamina) brands which is shown in the picture above.

It is also said that the use of some anaesthetic cream to rub the penis before intercourse  help reduce sensation and makes you longer in bed, however, these creams are available at most pharmacy stores around you.

Also, there are some herbal remedy drugs that are registered and are medically indicated for use which help to reduce PE and all other sexual dysfunctions. However, you can also get it at any pharmacy store close to you.

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