Sunday, April 14

Nigeria police harassed and collected money from a ladokite in Ilorin.

It is so surprising what happened to me last week actually happened. I usually listen to people's testimonies of how the Nigerian Police harrass them but I didn't believe until it happened to me .

I am a 500L student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. Lautech and I'm a full time businessman. I do travel to Ilorin and Ibadan for some business transactions. But unfortunately for me,  I went to deliver some goods to my customers in Ilorin as usual, On my way coming back to Ogbomosho on that same day. I met this hungry policemen on the highway and he instructed the bike man to park and he told me to pay the bike man so he can leave. Which I did.

I looked decent and well dressed. They asked where I was coming from and where I'm heading to which I answered politely.

They collected my phone and went through it to check if I'm a yahoo boy but they didn't see anything implicating on my phone. I saw smiling and I was thinking I'm free, not until they asked for the receipt of my phone. I was so amazed by the request of my phone's receipt because how do they expect me to go about with my phone's receipt. It was so embarrassing and I told them I didn't have it here with me, And immediately he accused me of stealing the phone. Few minutes after I saw a try cycle parked beside me and the police men asked me to enter that I'm going to the station for stealing a phone.  My phone !!!! Oh my God. I couldn't cry. So I was dragged to the counter in the police station along Ilorin.
We got there and I was asking them for my offence and a police woman came to me and asked me to pay 10k and I'm a free man. She said I should not pass any comment or else she will lock me up in the cell and they will forget me there and that they will not allow me to make any call.

I was shocked with what she said but I told them I can't pay 10k for a baseless offence u claimed I did. She forced me to write statement and said I should write about theft issue on the statement which I didn't. I begged for my freedom and she said I will have to pay 10k. And I have an exam the second day in my school. So I have no choice than to pay the #10,000 so I won't be locked up and delay for the exam I av the next day.

Immediately I paid the #10,000 she said I'm now a free man. And she gave me my phone and my belongings.

This was so painful because the money was removed out of my school fee. It's quite unfortunate that I'm still yet to pay my school fees till this moment, Just because the money is not complete anymore.

This is totally corruption of the highest order. I don't know where this country is heading to. May God protect and guide us.


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