Thursday, May 30

Am looking for the why

The world we live in has come to become a place no one seems to understand, why do we all wonder around searching for the same meaning, why do we confuse ourselves and still believe in our our deception, is it because this world is too complex? or is it just too simple for us to comprehend. A lot of questions run through our minds, a lot of thoughts disturb our insides, out of the many questions is a question I have come to realize disturbs a good percentage of the human population, it's a question we all must answer for ourselves, it's a question that leaves the responsibility of our lives in our hands, hence it's a scary question.
  This particular question is the question of purpose. We all like to know the why behind things, so it's natural we want to know the why behind our existence, it's normal to want to live meaningfully. To get this answers we go to therapists, religious leaders, psychics, depending on our individual beliefs, some look to motivational speakers, or even their favourite celebs. But what is the answer to this longing of our heart for something greater than ourselves? where do we go to seek such profound answers?
   To find ourselves, it is essential to find our source, till I see you again.

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