Tuesday, July 23

[Register Now]: Soilless Farming Training Lautech

Soilless Farming is a way of growing plants without the use of soil. The idea is not to replace soil,
but rather to compliment soil. The vision is to create a new generation of foodpreneurs who understand
the importance of food, the role food plays and how to ensure food security via climate smart

The why behind the drive…

1. Nigeria has enough lands but not enough fertile land
2. Seasonal farming isn’t a sustainable way for food security
3. The use of herbicides and insecticides isn’t climate smart nor
healthy for the consumer
4. The average of of the Nigerian farmer is 60, we need to change the
5. We cannot feed the future with hoes and cutlasses, technology is
6. We can grow more in small areas by the use of vertical farms, create
jobs and increase national GDP
7. The quality of food = health

 Date - August 3

Registration fee - 1000 naira

Limited space available and Certificate will be issued

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Proudly Supported by

Thought For Food
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences LAUTECH
Ladokite Agric Hub


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