Monday, December 9


1.  The early risers : 

These type of students will have wake up since 4am and go to class around 5-6am to get the front seat and keep seat for their friends lol. They usually lose interest in the second semester

2. The serious students :

These set of students will grab their pen and jot down every single word the lecturer is saying lol. They are often front benchers and some of them will go extra mile to sit on the pavement of the lecture hall. They also have complete notes

3. Amateur Policticans :

 These set of students are the ones aspiring for a post in the class like general rep or Dept rep. They are always neatly dressed and you see them following  lecturers. They come forward after each class to broadcast their intentions to the entire students. They are also known to be the  cause of fights in the lecture halls every morning due to fight for power

4. The mini-lecturer :

Lmao. These set of students are always few but they are common. They use to believe they know more than the lecturers due to their secondary school mentality. They normally raise up their hands to ask questions to query the lecturers and  often lose at it.  The good side of it is that they are always popular and friendly

5. The fashionista :

These set of students will dress extravagantly to class to oppress and attract other students with their expensive clothes , make up ,cosmetics and gadgets. They have been proven to be empty headed over the years and they love the party life.

6. The backbenchers : 

These set of students dont come to class early , they make up the backbench. They always set up non-academic activities at the back of the class.

7. Daddies and Mummies : 

These set of students are the ones that gain admission at a very old age. They are always silent and often demand respect from their mates. They are always wise in judgement and also intelligent.

8. The innocent :

These set of students will look very young and innocent. They are always gentle and they move in pack lol. They make friends easily because of their nature

I hope you enjoyed reading this lol. Have a nice day


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