Friday, July 16

Sequel to the video and information that circulated about the issue of kidnappers in Lautech.

Based on investigations with evidence, I have been able to reach a conclusion that it was a prank that wasn’t properly planned and as it has turned out the way it is not supposed to be.

With these I would want to implore the general public and everyone involved to be calm and rest assured that there is no cause for alarm as the people involved are very good ambassadors of the school but just want to take the quote of “all work no play make jack a dull boy” and i am writing this to plead on behalf of anyone involved and or the victims that they are sorry and they have learnt our lesson about it that even if they are into comedy, they are supposed to make proper consultation before such act. I am writing the general public to consider them and forgive them on this as it can be an example for others and it serves as a lesson to everyone and those that have the mindset of this in the future.

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